Project Forwarding

Max Line ensures that your heavy, oversize, and difficult-to-handle cargoes receive the care they require. We provide an elevated level of technical expertise, making available total transport services to ensure the best possible operational plan for your shipment. These services are personalized to suit your objectives of pre-planning, loading, and discharging your cargo. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your project cargo can be transported exclusively, or in combination with other cargoes depending on your needs and priorities. You will receive the quickest possible response to your transportation inquiries, and our strong network of agents speeds the movement of your cargo and attends to the required documentation. Our success results from establishing trusting, long-term relationships with clients, agents and carriers. We adjust to your diverse requirements and provide creative Solutions to the various challenges that occur when transporting. If you seek maximum flexibility, the best technical expertise, pricing, and unrivaled commitment to service on your shipments you should talk to us.